Lincus is a health and wellbeing application available on mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs that helps people lead healthier lives. Lincus is available as an app or on the internet with accounts for individuals, health and social care providers and administrators. Lincus is supported by Rescon’s world leading RAVEN analytics engine.

Rescon’s Wellbeing-Tracker wearable sensor system is a revolutionary approach to mobile monitoring combining advanced real-time analytics, state of the art sensors and easy to use interfaces. Wellbeing-Tracker continues to be developed with the support of the European Space Agency, DARPA, third sector and industry partners.

One Precious Life is Rescon’s human performance framework that applies scientific principles of performance enhancement to social, mental and physical health. One Precious Life combines cutting edge training methodologies, Lincus and best practice in service delivery to allow people to excel and perform at their highest level whether they are an individual with multiple and complex needs, an office worker or an athlete.

Rescon researches, develops and delivers human performance technologies and services. Our technologies help individuals, populations and communities to reach their maximum potential.