November 2018

Published: 19th December, 2018

Rescon deliver an intensive co-development workshop with One Medical Group to co-create solutions that focus on what's important to patients, staff and the NHS. Great outputs - watch this space!

Bradford Council and Rescon continue to work together to co-develop a proof of concept Artificial Intelligence based system to transform access to adult social care services. Rescon visit the Bradford call centre and IT integration team. They also made this catchy video, Rescon Bradford AI November Update

Rescon continue to work with Halton Council Health Improvement Team to develop a new digitally enhanced weight management service Healthy Start Digital.

Rescon complete further work on a Single Point of Access solution for the NHS England Maternity Transformation Early Adopters Programme in partnership with the Cheshire and Merseyside Women's and Children's Improving Me team. Check out

In addition Rescon engage with the NIHR Clinical Research Network, North West Coast Strategic Clinical Network, Hft, Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, Telefonica, NHS Digital, Halton Borough Council Health Improvement Team, Imosphere, CAMHS.Digital Centre for Women's Mental Health University of Manchester, and Marand.


Lincus Maternity co-development continues with Cheshire and Merseyside Women's and Children's Sustainability and Transformation Partnership to support pre and postnatal care including the release of the Lincus Maternity iOS and Android Apps.

Rescon continue to transform Lincus into an Open Platform integrating OpenEHR capability ready for connecting and interoperating with multiple national and international health and social care systems.

Rescon expands the capability of Lincus including integration with Amazon Alexa, AI technologies and high performance, locked down multiway video for multidisciplinary consultations.

November 2018 News