September 2017

Published: 3rd October, 2017

Rescon have a patent granted for Medical Symptoms Tracking Apparatus, Methods and Symptoms.

Rescon have a further patent granted for Non-Resistive Contact Electrical Systems and Methods for Visualizing the Structure and Function of Objects or Systems.

Rescon attend the NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo in Manchester on behalf of the Diabetes Digital Coach.

Tom is a forum member on the "Collaborating whilst Competing" Pop Up University for the NHS Test Beds at the NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo.

Rescon continue collaborative work with Glenelg Support, Victrix Solutions and the Salford Health and Social Care community.

The Rescon team raise money for the St Georges Hospital Charity running the Farnham Pilgrim Cross Country Marathon - 750 metres of vertical nastiness!


Rescon's book chapter on Technology Implementation Case Studies: Lincus Software as a Service is published by Springer in Technology For Smart Futures.

Lincus continues to be used by patients with diabetes in Swindon and launches on the Swindon Diabetes website.

Rescon continue to work as key partners in the West of England Diabetes Digital Coach NHS Test Bed project.

Wolverhampton City Council works with Rescon to plan the delivery of Lincus to support an initial cohort of 100 people with learning disabilities in supported living services.

The Alder Hey @Home project in partnership with Alder Hey Children's Hospital continues to develop.

Rescon and the Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust prepare to deliver Lincus to support 500 people using learning disability services.

Lincus use continues to be expanded as a mobile assessment tool for the Waves of Hope project.

September 2017 News