August 2017

Published: 4th September, 2017

Following independent clinical testing, Rescon's rate and rhythm algorithm for detecting atrial fibrillation has been CE Marked as a Class II medical device. The algorithm development was led by Dr Laura Gilbert (Analytics) with support from Dr Tom Dawson (Cardiac Physiology).

Tom is selected to join the Q experts in improvement community funded by the Health Foundation and NHS Improvement to improve health and care quality across the UK.

Rescon continue to work as partners in the West of England Diabetes Digital Coach NHS Test Bed.

Rescon work with QinetiQ, Cranfield University and Affective State to further develop and test the feasibility of collecting quantified self and quantified workplace data in the military.

Rescon engage with Allsorts, Innovation Agency, Worcestershire Telecare, Connected Health, Citrus Suite, Our Mobile Health and Redcentric.


Lincus undergoes major developments for compliance with the highest levels of data security and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is due to come into force May 2018.

Rescon engage with the Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust ahead of Lincus being used to support learning disability services across Hertfordshire, Essex and Buckinghamshire.

Rescon meet with clinicians at Alder Hey Hospital ahead of the Alder Hey @Home project starting in September.

Rescon work closely with Citrus Suite to co-develop the Lincus Diabetes app for GP referral through the EMIS patient management system.

The Waves of Hope project continues at pace, with Lincus used as a mobile assessment tool to support people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Lincus continues to support patients with diabetes in GP practices in Swindon.

August 2017 News