October 2016

Published: 4th November, 2016

Rescon continue working as partners in the NHS Diabetes Digital Coach IoT Test Bed, leading the technical implementation work plan and met this month with the NHS Connected Care team.

Rescon continue to engage and work with the UK MOD, dstl, QinetiQ, Cranfield University and Affective State to improve future personnel performance.

The USPTO issues Rescon their 7th wearable patent which describes technology which could be developed into wearable 3D organ scanners.


Our high performance, multiply secure and logged video communication was realised and integrated into the Lincus platform this month.

Lincus Performance integrating Google Fit is released on Google Play for Android devices.

Rescon present at the Diabetes UK Swindon Group Meeting ahead of deploying Lincus for people with diabetes in Swindon.

Hft and Rescon meet to further develop Lincus as an integrated care management platform for the people with learning disabilities Hft supports.

Rescon deliver further Lincus training to PSS Health Trainers, Commissioners and the Waves of Hope programme in Liverpool.

October 2016 News