Rescon News

December 2016

December 2016

Published: 23rd December, 2016

Rescon are advised that their book chapter on "Technology Implementation: Lincus Software as a Service System" (Authors: Adie, Faye, Laura and Tom), will be published by Springer in Technologies and Smart Futures.

Rescon welcome three interns from Liverpool John Moores University to the team.

Rescon meet with Liverpool CCG and PSS following a highly successful Phase 1 of the Healthy Liverpool blood pressure screening programme which achieved conservative in year savings of 300% of the initial investment.

Rescon continue to work as the technology work package lead the Diabetes Digital Coach NHS Internet of Things Test Bed project.

Rescon partner with Victrix to deliver high impact, high value solutions to people with long term conditions in Europe and beyond.

There are further meetings with Glenelg Support, Riverside and Liverpool Innovation Network to discuss working together.


The Lincus platform achieves Cyber Essentials and IASME Information Governance accreditation (in addition to Level 2 IG SOC).

Rescon meet with GP Practices in Swindon to deliver Lincus for supporting patients with diabetes in the community.

Rescon continue engagement with the Waves of Hope project to support people with multiple and complex needs in Liverpool.

Rescon are notified of a successful joint bid for deploying Lincus with the City of Wolverhampton through the government funded programme to help people with learning disabilities live more independently in their own homes.

Rescon continue their work with Citrus Suite on the next Lincus Companion app update.

Lincus integrates no touch upload of measurements from scales, BP monitors, oximeters, blood glucose meters and thermometers.

November 2016

November 2016

Published: 11th December, 2016

To expand their IoT capabilities Rescon develop the integration of a suite of wireless devices, including scales, blood pressure monitors, thermometers and pulse oximeters into their platform this month.

Rescon continues work hard with the WEAHSN Diabetes Digital Coach NHS Test Bed, leading the technical implementation (IoT, analytics and visualisation) work package.

Phase 1 of the Healthy Liverpool programme concludes, with more than 250 new cases of hypertension being discovered in the population and well in excess of 1000 people screened and educated about blood pressure.

Rescon attend the SETP2040 Symposium, running workshops to explore the use of Quantified Self technologies to enhance the performance of military personnel.


Rescon run Lincus workshops at the North West Regional Fulfilling Lives Conference, informing future Lincus developments to help support those with multiple and complex needs at risk of homelessness.

Rescon meet with Swindon CCG and Hawthorn Medical Practice ahead of deploying Lincus to support individuals with diabetes.

The Waves of Hope programme continues, using Lincus to support those with multiple and complex needs in Liverpool.

Rescon meet with Hft to roll out Lincus which will be used as a paper free care management system for people with learning disabilities in Northumberland and Lancashire.

October 2016

October 2016

Published: 4th November, 2016

Rescon continue working as partners in the NHS Diabetes Digital Coach IoT Test Bed, leading the technical implementation work plan and met this month with the NHS Connected Care team.

Rescon continue to engage and work with the UK MOD, dstl, QinetiQ, Cranfield University and Affective State to improve future personnel performance.

The USPTO issues Rescon their 7th wearable patent which describes technology which could be developed into wearable 3D organ scanners.


Our high performance, multiply secure and logged video communication was realised and integrated into the Lincus platform this month.

Lincus Performance integrating Google Fit is released on Google Play for Android devices.

Rescon present at the Diabetes UK Swindon Group Meeting ahead of deploying Lincus for people with diabetes in Swindon.

Hft and Rescon meet to further develop Lincus as an integrated care management platform for the people with learning disabilities Hft supports.

Rescon deliver further Lincus training to PSS Health Trainers, Commissioners and the Waves of Hope programme in Liverpool.

September 2016

September 2016

Published: 7th October, 2016

Over 600 individuals have now been screened for hypertension by PSS and Rescon as part of the Healthy Liverpool Know Your Numbers programme.

Rescon's Lincus product suite was selected as a mature and innovative technology platform with operational potential for the UK MOD through the Tech UK Innovation Health and Fitness Monitoring Challenge.

Rescon continue to work as part of the Diabetes Digital Coach NHS Test Bed.

Rescon attend Digital Catapult Elderly Care and Technology Internet of Things Event in Brighton.

Rescon are double finalists in the EIT Digital Challenge.

Rescon continue to work with QinetiQ, Affective State and Cranfield University to explore the use of quantified self in the military with a 2040 vision.


Lincus Performance integrating Apple HealthKit is released on iOS on the App Store as a beta version, with the Android version soon to follow.

Lincus is now linked to over 200 different devices and applications.

Lincus shared services are due to be deployed for people with diabetes in Swindon, and respiratory and renal services at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage.

August 2016

August 2016

Published: 8th September, 2016

Adie presents at DeSE Conference in Liverpool on Barriers in New Health and Social Care Technology Implementation in the United Kingdom, a Case Study.

Tom presents a paper, first authored by Faye, at the DeSE Conference in Liverpool on Development of a Holistic Health Economic Evaluation Tool Leveraging Patient Self-Report.

Rescon continue to work on novel algorithms for deriving health and wellbeing predictions from ECG data.

Rescon meet with Hft, v-connect, Innova, and NHS Arden and GEM CSU.


Rescon deliver Lincus training to Waves of Hope ahead of its use to support those with multiple and complex needs in Liverpool.

Lincus Waves of Hope app released as beta version on Play Store for Android devices.

Rescon continue work with QinetiQ, Affective State and Cranfield University exploring the use of quantified self in the military.

Rescon continue to work as part of Diabetes Digital Coach Internet of Things Test Bed.

Rescon continue to develop the Lincus Performance app with Citrus Suite.

Rescon meet with Swindon CCG and Oviva for deployment of Lincus for individuals with diabetes in the West of England.

July 2016

July 2016

Published: 7th August, 2016

Rescon kick off Phase 2 of their work exploring the use of quantified self in the military, meeting with Affective State, QinetiQ, Cranfield University, the Defence Sciences Technology Laboratories (dstl) and Ministry of Defence representatives.

Adie Blanchard is the first author of a paper accepted for publication in IEEE Conference Proceedings on "Barriers Facing Technical Implementation in Health and Social Care in the UK".

Rescon meet with Plessey Semiconductors and NHS Arden Commissioning Support in support of other projects.


Major new updates are released on both Lincus Web and the Lincus Companion App this month including new reminder, feedback and reporting functions.

Rescon deliver Lincus training in Liverpool for PSS, and begin deployment for PSS services.

Rescon meet with Waves of Hope ahead of the Lincus deployment for individuals at risk of homelessness.

Work continues at a fast pace with the West of England Internet of Things NHS Diabetes Digital Coach Test Bed collaboration.

June 2016

June 2016

Published: 9th July, 2016

There is further coverage of the Diabetes Digital Coach Programme in the media:

Tom Dawson presents on technical challenges in implementing e-health at EULAR Annual European Congress of Rheumatology.

Rescon joins panel discussions at Wearable Health: The Market Gap, part of the Digital Health Festival in London.

Rescon attend Hypercat Summit at Royal Festival Hall along with Soupdragon, both representing Diabetes Digital Coach.

The Liverpool CCG and PSS Know Your Numbers Blood Pressure continues with the launch of in community screening services.


Rescon engage with v-connect and Lister Hospital through the BOLD-TC collaboration for integrated video consultation into the Lincus platform.

Rescon meet with Swindon CCG and Oviva ahead of Lincus deployment for individuals with diabetes.

Rescon continue to work with Liverpool City Council to deploy Lincus for 300 users in the Liverpool City Region.

A further patent covering Lincus RAVEN analytics, visualisations and the personalised content engine is submitted to the USPTO and UK Intellectual Property Office.

May 2016

May 2016

Published: 6th June, 2016

The Digital Diabetes Coach NHS Test Bed in the West of England kicks up another gear with intensive collaborative work towards making life better for individuals with diabetes.

Rescon continue to work with Affective State, QinetiQ and Cranfield University on utilising quantified self to improve personnel performance.

Rescon exhibits at the Human Factors Integration Symposium at Abbey Wood.

The Healthy Liverpool - Know Your Numbers, blood pressure screening and education program is launched in collaboration with PSS and the Liverpool CCG.


Red Embedded and Rescon work together through the BOLD-TC collaboration to further integrate v-connect video consultation, communication and physiological measurements into the Lincus self report and evaluation platform. Tracking of multiple metrics goes live to improve the lives of those with Learning Disabilities.

Rescon are advised they have won the tender process to utilise Lincus to help improve the lives of those with multiple and complex needs at risk of homelessness as part of the Big Lottery funded Waves of Hope programme, run by Plus Dane Housing Association.

Rescon complete their first clinical engagement with Eltham Health as part of their Lincus for community self-management of diabetes programme.

Citrus Suite and Rescon work on the next Lincus App update including Lincus Performance, reminders and more system interoperability.

Hft and Rescon continue to develop Lincus as a Care Management system to enhance the co-ordinated care of people with learning disabilities.

April 2016

April 2016

Published: 4th May, 2016

Rescon attend the Med-Tech Innovation Expo at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

Rescon begin work on Healthy Liverpool, Know Your Numbers programme, with PSS and the CCG, to help identify high blood pressure in the Liverpool City region whilst also educating people on the importance of blood pressure.

Preparations for the Developments in eSystems Engineering Conference are well underway with Brigadier Tim Hodgetts confirming he will be attending as a Key Note speaker.

Tom Dawson presents From Human Performance to Healthcare, the Journey Continues at the Med-Tech Innovation Expo.

Rescon's sixth wearables patent is granted by the USPTO.

Rescon meet with the University of Kent, Liverpool John Moores University, and Hft.


New Lincus website is released.

Rescon continue to deploy Lincus for combined health and social care in the Liverpool City Region.

Rescon continue working with v-connect and the wider BOLD-TC partnership to integrate video communication into Lincus.

March 2016

March 2016

Published: 5th April, 2016

Rescon announced as Finalists for Outstanding Achievement in the Medilink UK Healthcare Business Awards.

The Liverpool CCG award Rescon and PSS a contract for blood pressure screening and education services within the Liverpool City Region.

Rescon have a wearable patent issued by USPTO.

Rescon has pre-project meetings with Digital Diabetes Coach in Bristol.

Tom Dawson appointed as chair for DESE 2016.


Rescon continue to work with Hft to deploy Lincus throughout England.

Rescon continue to roll out Lincus across boroughs in the Liverpool City region.

Rescon meets with v-connect to continue work on BOLD-TC project.

February 2016

February 2016

Published: 4th March, 2016

Rescon attend West of England Internet of Things Test Bed kick off meeting in Bristol.

Dispersive Technologies and Rescon start work together to develop next generation health IoT security solutions


Liverpool City Region begin using Lincus to support 300 individuals across 6 boroughs.

Rescon attend the North West Coast AHSN Connected Health Ecosystem Event in Blackburn.

Rescon work with Eltham Medical Practice to roll out Lincus to their patients with diabetes.

Rescon continue to work on both the BOLD-TC Healthcare SBRI and Health Foundation projects to transform the care of people with learning disabilities.

January 2016

January 2016

Published: 2nd February, 2016

Rescon win the 2015 South East Health Technologies Alliance Outstanding Achievement Award.

Rescon are announced as technology partners with the successful Internet of Things Digital Diabetes Coach programme led by the West of England Academic Health Sciences Network.

A further two wearable sensor patents are granted to Rescon:


Rescon, in partnership with Citrus Suite, release the Lincus Lite Android and iOS apps to incorporate diabetes self management tools.

Rescon hosts Liverpool City Region commissioners and providers for a training day for the six borough deployment of Lincus rolling out in February.

Rescon and Hft attend the Health Foundation Health Equalities Framework into Lincus project kick off meeting in London.

V-Connect and Rescon complete Phase 1 system integration of the V-Connect and LIncus platforms for the BOLD TC.

The Lincus personalised educational content delivery system is further refined as part of the InnovateUK pWizard project.