July 2015

Published: 3rd August, 2015

Rescon development and research teams meet at the Carthouse.

Rescon presents at the iLinks Innovations conference.

Rescon employs two further developers for their North West team, and takes on an intern from the University of Leicester to work on health economics.

Rescon attends the: Commissioning for Technology Enabled Care event at the Royal College of Medicine; North West Coast Connected Health Ecosystem event; NHS Test Beds Meet and Greet day at the Oval in London, along with Care Innovation, Future Coders, V-Connect and the Meeting of Minds Collaboration.

Tom publishes as a co-author with the LJMU team on predicting the likelihood of heart failure with a multi-level risk assessment using a novel machine learning technique in IEEE conference proceedings, and is invited to talk at the Developments in eSystems Engineering Conference in Dubai.

Rescon meets with Trudie Lobban of the Atrial Fibrillation Association and Arrhythmia Alliance to discuss collaboration on improving technology implementations.

Rescon has ongoing collaborative meetings with Hft, Hampshire City Council, Tunstall Healthcare and Chad and Jeremy, their US patent attorneys.

In Liverpool Rescon meets with the CCG, Liverpool City Council, Academic Health Science Network, Red Ninja, Citrus Suite, the eHealth Cluster, and other local businesses.


Rescon are issued a contract offer letter from InnovateUK for Profile Wizard (pWizard), to enhance the user experience of Lincus using state of the art evaluation technologies and machine-learning.

The Monsters theme is released on the Lincus test site.

July 2015 News