December 2014

Published: 1st January, 2015

Rescon continues collaborative work with: the Universities of Surrey, Sussex, Nottingham and Cardiff; Duke University; Plessey Semiconductors; Liverpool CCG; Sense Innovation; and Hft on sensor development, data visualisation, Lincus and other Wellbeing projects.

The Rescon team of researchers, developers, designers, supporters and exotic animals get together for a great End of Year celebration in Hampshire, UK.

Rescon features on the Science and Techology Facilities Council ESA website.

The Rescon team complete their second annual carol run around Crondall on Christmas Eve singing Good King Wenceslas, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Jingle Bells.


Wellbeing-Tracker prototype development continues.


Integration work starts on incorporating Lincus into Liverpool CCG Mi platform.

December 2014 News