July 2014

Published: 26th August, 2014

Rescon are notified that the European Space Agency plan to award them funding to further develop the DE3D/Wellbeing-Tracker wearable acoustic and electric field technology

Rescon is awarded a further 12 month contract to work with Duke University and the DARPA Biochronicity team to understand biological clocks to address global issues such as death and suffering from Malaria


Lincus continues to be developed with expansion of icon libraries and integration of algorithms for the detection and notification of decline in wellbeing

Lincus for Hft progresses well and proves valuable as a communication tool (identifying unrecognised issues) for those with learning disabilities

One Precious Life

Rescon's One Precious Life coaches continue to recruit and engage with members in the Liverpool pilot

Rescon's new and improved One Precious Life website (https://onepreciouslife.com) is launched, with over 300 blogs now published

July 2014 News