December 2012

Published: 29th December, 2012 platform is integrated with Rescon DE-3D tracker applications for wireless upload of personal sensor data for online analysis and visualisation.

Rescon commences early work in applying multivariate analysis optimisation methodologies and data visualisation techniques for enhancing health and social care decision support for the Liverpool dallas FeelGoodFactory consortium.

Rescon meets with Analog Devices, Bath Insitute of Medical Engineering, colleagues from the FeelGoodFactory consortium, the Universities of Sussex, Cambridge, and Oxford to work on potential and ongoing collaborative work

Rescon works with Professor Kelly Whelan, industrial designer, in design of future sensor housings and wearable sensor elements.

Tom Dawson and John Harer continue their work on applying classical and dimension reduction techniques to biological signals and systems to enhance analysis and useful feedback for individuals and teams.

December 2012 News