November 2012

Published: 29th November, 2012

Rescon's exercise and sensor laboratory is opened out of their offices in Farnborough, UK.

The second iteration of Rescon's wearable sensor is realised with further size reductions and enhanced performance utilizing innovations from the sensor stabilization patent it submitted in August, 2012.

John Harfield continues to make solid progress in his doctoral research in electrochemical detection of glutathione (and other analytes) out of the Compton Group at the University of Oxford.

Rescon's sensor system effectively detects electroencephalogram frontal alpha wave activity during focused breathing with a high quality output.

Rescon's Cardiac-Tracker application technology is used to demonstrate Plessey Semiconductor's imPulse sensor system at Electronica 2012.

Rescon Technologies development, analysis and visualisation (beta version) portal ( is created by Dr. Laura Gilbert who became a full-time member of staff this month.

Rescon in association with LIMS ( host a visit from DARPA meeting a variety of government, industry and academic groups during the second week of November.

Rescon has further meetings with HFT (, Green Field Ventures (, FDA and Moberg Research ( in the UK and US moving forward several collaborative to market ventures.

November 2012 News